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American Institute of Enterprises: "Talents of Talents" is the core of global leadership competition

Reference Message Network June 16 (Reporter Li) US Enterprise Research Institute Recently issued a report of "Global Leadership is the battle between global talents", as the global talent competition accelerated, the United States attracts global talents, especially It is the unique competitive advantage and priority of high-skilled talents. The US government must reform existing talent […]


Beijing Winter Paralympic Game Opening China Sport Delegation Vlag Hand aangekondigd

  Beijing Winter Paralympische Spelen Opening Ceremonie China Sports Delegation Guo Yujie werd verkozen op 3 maart, Peking Winter Paralympic Games China Sports Delegatie heeft aangekondigd dat Guo Yuxin, Wang Zhizhou zal dienen als de openingsceremonie van de Peking Winter Paralympische Spelen China Sports Delegation Flagner.   Guo Yuxie is twee vrouwelijke atleten in langlaufen en winter, […]


2021 Taizhou "Onze vakantie · Chongyang" Theme-evenement gehouden in de brug van Taixinghong

De evenementensite. Taixing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Afdeling, 14 oktober 2021 Taizhou City "Ons festival · Chongyang" Theme-evenement gehouden in Hongqiao stad, Taixing City, georganiseerd door Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, gehost door Taizhou Civilization Office, Taixing Municipal Propaganda Department, Taixing City Civilization Kantoor en Hongqiao stad en andere gezamenlijke verplichtingen. Dit evenement schopte uit in […]


China Science and Technology Museum Theme Tour Onthulde Technologie Winter Olympische Spelen

Originele titel: China Science and Technology Museum Theme Tour Tentoonstelling Onthulde Technologische Winter Olympische Spelen Gisteren, het kleine publiek ervoer het project van "Burning Ice Dream" -onderwerptour in China Mobile Science and Technology Museum. Onze verslaggever 摄 本 报 (Reporter Niu Weikun) om een ??balkeeper te doen, een spanning van sneeuw, avatar, besneeuwde vaardigheden … […]


111 "one thing to do" in Harbin running on the line

Engineering Construction Project Approval "One One" window. Recently, the public Zheng Wei approved the dental clinic has taken the license. Previously, he only ran a submission application, which made Zheng Wei screaming, "I didn’t expect cross-layer, cross-sectoral approval, can be so fast. "In order to achieve a deeper" subtraction, reduction, reduction materials, minus movement " […]


This "quotation map", have you been brach?

Implement the intelligent manufacturing talent "engine" plan, accelerate the promotion of the Xixi Lab, Zhejiang University Advanced Appliances Equipment Innovation Center, Zhejiang University Advanced Technology Research Institute, etc. Construction, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of high-end intelligent manufacturing talents at home and abroad; The high-skilled talent "craftsman" plans to accelerate the construction of "production lessons" […]

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