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Changchun Jiuling Maanshan Village "Money Tao"

"Selling resources" becomes "selling the scenery" Maanshan Village came out of his "Money Tao" Maanshan Village changed! This is the fact that all Maanshan villages are proud. Zhang Xuguang, the total secretary of the Maanshan Village Party, said that in the past, there were 8 quarries in Maanshan Village, with an annual output value of […]


Cobos product launches new intelligent robot

Cobos robot recently released a whole new generation of air cleaning robot Qin Bao Andy, Ava Qin Bao and the new intelligent AI sweeping robot Po T8AIVI. Both robot air purifier with superior mobility, high intelligence, high purification capacity, allowing users to enjoy different from the traditional air purifier housekeeper smart home experience. The Po […]


Chengdu Jintang has built a government gold enterprise docking platform to sign a contract amount of about 20 billion

People’s Network Chengdu April 21st (Wang Jun) is located in Huaizhou New City, the Huaizhou New City, in the hillside, a thousand miles, and a fascinating construction picture. Today, the high-quality development politicians associated with the high-quality development political accounts of the Chengdu Jintang County, the Jintang County Finance Bureau (County Guo Finance Bureau), will […]


6.5 Triljoen "Giant Mac" Major aangekondigd 65 biljoen "Giant Mac" Major Aankondiging – gerelateerde dynamiek

[Abstract] Official! De Trillion Guangda Group wordt uitgewisseld. Wang Jiang, de leider van de voormalige CCB, zal Li XiaOpeng ophalen en een handje van Everbright-groep worden.   Officieel! De Trillion Guangda-groep wordt uitgewisseld. Wang Jiang, de leider van de oorspronkelijke constructie, zal de vleermuis oppakken en een handje van de Everbright-groep worden. Volgens de Offici?le Website […]


Danzhou dumplings Dragon Boat Festival approaching busy production companies rush orders

Gift dumplings Danzhou and food Limited. Danzhou financial media all media reporter Yang Wenbiao photo Dragon Boat Festival approaching, Danzhou each manufacturer starts to get busy dumplings, dumplings each enterprise’s production workers are working overtime to catch every day to meet the holiday demand. Preparation of food, making dumplings, dumplings packaging …… June 3 afternoon, […]


Behind the numbers see the high quality development of Yangquan High-tech Zone

High-tech Zone Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park is under construction. The staff of the High-tech Zone Enterprise Shanxi Tianhe Tianhe Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. is doing experiments. 5G commercial unincruncies in Qi Shi Huahang (Shanxi) Technology Co., Ltd.. Jinneng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group Huaxin Electrical Plant. Jinneng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group Hua Yue Huayi Company plant. […]

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