Month: February 2001


“How do these children walk through the defensive network of inflammatory arms??”Although it is a question,But I only have a distressed in Cheng Lixue.。

The arms of the inflammation are sealing the ruthless mountains for two years.,In the past two years, the female Wushen squad will roughly explore the blocking range.。 Even if there is no collapse and a dead,Only by these children,Want to pass this distance,It is also very difficult。 Cheng Li Xue looked at the collapse […]


Chapter 637 Tragedy

Facing the hair of Yin pear,Yang Xiao does not send,Never explain what,But Yang does not regret but can’t see it.。 “good!My mother is Ji Xiaofu.,My mother gives me a name.!”Yang did not regret the chin。 In her eyes,This Yin Shi may be a friend of her mother.,But……I don’t dare to find a revenge.,It turned out […]



Bai Mountain water slightly,Laugh,“Miss Yin may wish to say。” “It is better to join us.,Kick him first,Two seniors intentionally?” Bai Mountain Water did not promise,Like him, this old fox is a doubtful,I know that this young woman is not simple.,But a laughter,“Even how to play him out,There are so many martial arts.,it’s here,The biggest […]


Its realm,Already reached the level。

Which one will she choose as an opponent?。 Everyone can foresee,Under the prestigious fish rightwide,Who is challenged,The ending is destined。 certainly,The second round of rules,It is not to say that it is challenged.,I will go out immediately.。 The eliminated players can also continue to challenge others。 Silence,Fish, right, faint, 200 people,There is no expression on […]


Even if he persists,But this kind of battle without hope of victory is the most painful。

“Hehe,Surrender early if you don’t want to die,Otherwise, I don’t mind cutting off your dog’s head when you don’t have the ability to resist.!” “You talk less,I don’t believe that your fruit power is unlimited!Fruit capacity is restricted by force,No matter how strong the fruit is,I don’t believe that your physical strength is unlimited!”Although Fu […]


People who want to enter the martial arts school at the same time,Not more than twenty-five years old,To complete the forging,Only then can you truly become a martial arts student。

But true geniuses will not join the martial arts school,They only need to be innocent,Go directly to the stations of the major sects,Get started。 So the students who entered the martial arts school,Basically have a certain wealth background,Not bad talent,Or the scattered people without sects,Want to transform into“regular army”。 therefore,The tuition of the Martial Arts […]


Even the black society is related to the government。

Summer surprised,Not they can get so much fireproof。 But it is shocking……In order to deal with an illegal,As for such a big Zhangqi drum?? “Two guests,Sorry,The front has not been passed.。” Taxi driver to explore the news,Later, after the two people,“The front is already private territory,And it seems to have something big,Have been martial martial […]


“call out”

Summer has not retired and flashing,The arrow is like a lightning,Creating a cold light。 “when!” Tianjun magic dressing,Both collided,Metal vibrato,Wan like a thunder。 The air explosion is a thorny ray,Dramatic energy fluctuations pass through,Like the invisible sea, there is a frenzy。 That one mac |,Huge power makes him back in half air。 “call out!” […]


“Do you want to say,I think about it again.。”

NS680chapter It is difficult for women between two aunts. “Doctors,Patients have now,Have worked hard。This is not easy for the city.,I will be gone to entertain you.,I will not let everyone run away.。” Inside the lobby of Licheng County,Li Zuqin said with polite。 Here, I have a dozen afar doctor.,All“A patient”Coming。Take a little machine spirit,that one,Just […]


Lin Feng sorrows:“This is a good thing,The status of Tianshi in the stabilist family is priority is equivalent to the old age.,Even more accurate than the old age。”

“But fucking,My storm is destroyed,I am more than being hit.,How to become God?”Hai Huang said a word:“So in this long years,I am very depressed.。” “Until you met me,You only see hope?”Lin Feng smiled and said。 “good,Until you see you,I am looking at you to see you.,The prophecy of Tianshi should be accurate。”Hai Huang haha […]

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