Month: March 2001


“Where is the temple can be rid of the Buddha。”Duan Yanqing is difficult to make a big real expression,Facial muscle necrosis Let him say what is very yin and yang、Very fierce。

“That is why you don’t choose from home.?Fear……Who is it??”Chu Deirers asked。 “How can a person who have a home?,Donor!”Duan Yanqing is a bit not to take care of him.。 “What is the number of the old days??What generation?How can I sweep it here?……” “The law is not perfect,You call me, Yanqing is。” Duan Yanqing […]


He refined hundreds of drip liquid,But and feel a variety of changes,This is different from the bottleneck used to。

It is the energy in the hundred drip liquid he refining,All of themselves,Can’t stand at all。 Luo Water Road is not said,Is the Dajin energy enhanced?,It is used for the Holy King.。 Why can’t he break through。 “The most obvious feeling of refining liquidity is,How much energy I invest,How many kilometers in the body grow?,No […]

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