Month: May 2021


So Qiao Tianyu was full of doubts about the Japanese kidnapping of Prince Harita.,I think this must be strange,It’s definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface。

Until later, Prince Mahmoud took out the envelope left by Prince Harita on the desk,After Qiao Tianyu saw the cross pattern,Qiao Tianyu was shocked to find that the writer turned out to be Andre.! Qiao Tianyu was very sleepy for a while,I don’t know why Andre got involved again,But then I changed my mind,If the […]


In Ye Mei’s opinion,She thinks it’s worth the money,Whether it is a traitor?As long as an egg is not bad,Are you still investigating whether the chicken that made this egg is a good chicken?

“Hu Ge,How much is it worth?”Ye Mei couldn’t help asking。 Hu Yang thought for a while:“Fan Wencheng in the Hereafter,Belong to an unpleasant person,So his calligraphy,Few people collect,The value will not be very high。But it’s hard to say,After all, no matter how bad people are, there will always be people who like it,Even later generations […]


So Xia Chenglong had a headache for a while。

And Hua Qianjue saw this scene before her,I also walked forward,Talking softly in Xia Chenglong’s ear:“throne,I have a way,I don’t know it is feasible or not?” In fact, Xia Chenglong is quite disgusted with Hua Qianjue talking in his ear,It’s just that he is not good at this time,Show too much,And this Hua Qianjue has […]


The woman glanced suspiciously at her husband,Took another look at Lin Yoona,Then asked questioningly:

“How do you know it will be fake?” The man said disdainfully:“Wife,Did you forget?There are many wedding dresses similar to angel wings。” When the woman listened,The anger on his face immediately disappeared without a trace。 Yes,Why did I forget it?! Because many people don’t spend 52.1 million to buy that set of angel wings,and so,There […]


Lin Yoona seems to have not heard Liu Chunlan’s question clearly,Just said to Liu Chunlan very simply and perfunctorily“Ok”word。

If it was Liu Chunlan before,,I will definitely be furious because Lin Yuner treats herself with such a perfunctory attitude。 But today’s Liu Chunlan is not at all angry。 Liu Chunlan didn’t give up asking:“Yoona,From a distance, mom seems to see a couple over there taking wedding photos,is not it?” Words from Liu Chunlan,Like a […]



Looking at the report on the reasons for the replacement of the chairman of Wolfsburg Automobile, which was urgently sent back by the Chinese embassies in Europe,From the top office to the first machine department,To the magic city、Yiju、double…… Everyone can’t laugh or cry。 Like a leader said:“What a mess of this,Just play the piano!” Just […]


Ye Xingkong’s behavior towards Chen Limu as a mother,Secretly admire her maternal love,When the identity information does not match Ding Kelan,And let everyone accept him in their hearts,She wandered around the club and laid the foundation for Ye Xingkong。

This detail,Let Ye Xingkong and Chen Limu enhance the love between mother and child。 Ye Xingkong didn’t have a few days in the club,Have a certain understanding of clubs and racing,Enter the character very quickly,After mastering the basic laws and common sense,Got started soon,Car repair、drive,Play action,“Rookie”Soon became“Old bird”。He goes out early and returns late every […]



In the sky,AL-39The trainer slowly slipped,Accompanied by a soft tire when it touches the ground,quickly,ThisL-39The trainer stopped just short of the middle of the runway。 Haven’t waited for the plane to stop completely,The canopy was suddenly opened,Chen Geng didn’t even have time to get out of the cabin,With the canopy slowly rising in neutral,He peeped […]

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