Month: June 2021


Luo Bufan doesn’t want to take care of this stuff,If he didn’t break in,When is this guy going to sleep?After he came in,I found this kid asleep,And showed a very wretched expression,See he wants to hit someone,So I pulled a handful of his hair,Drag back and forth several times。

Wash at the speed of light,Then went straight to Hu’s hotel。 Today I took Hu and the others to eat their authentic breakfast。 just,Today sunday,It’s the busiest time in the Oriental Antique City,Attracted antique calligraphy and painting collectors inside and outside the province,experts and scholars、Operators。 Most of the people who often mix in the antique […]


Xia Chenglong felt like he was going crazy by Zong Xueqin:“This is only seven o’clock in the morning,Missy,Why did you come to me so early??”

Zong Xueqin looked at Xia Chenglong with a grimace:“It’s not yesterday you didn’t stay with me,Made me scared at night alone,Can’t sleep at all,So I came to you early today!” Zong Xueqin said,And got Xia Chenglong’s neck on one side,If someone who doesn’t know sees this scene,I thought the two were like lovers who have […]


But mom said,Love someone,I will give my heart and soul,Not to account for your own gains and losses,Wait for that person to show up,You will understand mom。

She doesn’t understand,Dad is really good,But it’s not good enough to sacrifice a lifetime。 Until Huo Yunhe appeared,Her thinking has changed drastically,Finally understand the deep love in my mother’s heart。 Such a cold man,Show love so high profile,Activate her heart that does not believe in love with sincerity,Since then,Only him in her world。 The knot […]


The sales data for the second week was sent to Chen Geng yesterday,But Chen Geng hasn’t had time to watch,But this is also just right,His interest couldn’t help being lifted up,Enthusiasm:“The first week is1000set,The second week……2000Is there?”

“2000set?”Chevat·Egarford seems to be looking forward to seeing his boss like this,Can’t help but laugh:“boss,You are too small to see our set can be called‘Revolutionary’The operating system caused a sensation in the market……Tell you,the second week,We have sold more than3200set!” “3200set?so much?!”Hear this number,Chen Geng was really surprised。 3200set,Means that the weekly sales amount exceeds100Ten […]


of course,It’s better for Qin Feng to say hello to the upper echelons of Hua Guo before doing this.。

It’s just that the upper-level people are definitely not satisfied with Qin Feng’s decision,Even thought it was unnecessary。But Qin Feng didn’t listen at all,Direct response,“Only by clearing the obstacles can I provide the best support to the main force。Once the person in front is injured,We can send it back to China as soon as possible。If […]


Watching and cheering、Do Lucy as excited as a little girl,Jack Welch a little envious:“So young。”

Chen Geng tilted his head and looked at him:“how?You also want to take a vacation?” “OK,”Jack Welch said nothing,Agreed immediately:“This is what you said,Wait until this round of Europe is over,I also have a vacation,At least one week!” “Damn you come for real……” Chen Geng hasn’t finished speaking yet,Kelly Hicks held up the phone and […]


And most importantly,More than a dozen people are considered to have a simple bed for rest。I have to say that after the reconstruction, it does bring great comfort to their lives.。

Then sleep and rest will become more adequate。Even after entering the battle,They will also have more energy。 By contrast,Those players who have played in the core area for a few months naturally have a relatively large gap。 . In a temporary camp,Shen Kun, one of the eight generals of the poison general team, frowned at […]


“Ha ha,Row,I will take someone with you。”Talking,Qin Feng is about to leave,Others also pack up and prepare to leave,But then it was stopped by Qin Feng。

“Other people don’t need to move,You all stay here,I will go see it myself。”Talking,Qin Feng turned to look at Xiaobing,“Zhang Yi, right??If you lie to me,I will make you die miserably,Understand?” “amount,Ok,I know!”Zhang Yi is tied up by Wuhuada,Besides being able to walk,I can’t even move my hands。The plaster on Qin Feng’s right hand was […]


“it is good,See you later。”Jiang Yan originally planned to talk to Qin Feng,Let him go in another car,I was worried that he would be angry,Unexpectedly, he took the initiative to go to someone else’s car,It seems that Qin Feng still understands himself well。

I don’t know Jiang Yan’s thoughts,If you let Qin Feng know,Do you feel ashamed,Why he hung up in a hurry,Because I was worried that Jiang Yan would call him back to his car。 Because Qin Feng knew,The closer to Jiang Yan,It means the closer you are to Qin Xibei,Just think of,I was ravaged by Qin […]

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