Month: July 2021


“I will show you to the brigade department first,You can see for yourself?”

Old lady bowed her head,Thought for a long time,Said:“What happened to the person you handcuffed??” “He is Ming Rob,Is illegal。But just hand over the things,Good attitude,You can also leave it alone。” “Did Erhuzi pay??”Old lady asked Gao Qiang。 “People have paid,You are left。”Gao Qiang grinned and said。 “or,Row,You guys go,But I have to leave those […]


This should be guaranteed。

of course,If Qin Feng really wants to know the information, he can actually go to Situ Hongyi,It’s just that I have no relationship or relationship with Situ Hong,This constantly uses the intelligence and favors given by others,What is this? You know if the person on the other side asks him to repay the favor,Qin Feng […]


Qin Feng went to the villagers at noon the next day。

Things to help,Qin Feng will not be vague,Besides, how to decide this time,That’s their mind。 “what,You said someone would help us,But it wants us to lose more than 100,000?”This is a family closer to Qin Feng,It’s Liu Dabao, the head of this family。 “Yes,You should know Huang Junjie too?He said he didn’t want to see […]


In my heart, I scolded the leaders of the Ivy League team with their mouths to the earlobes.,At the same time, when Han Zhili looked towards Xiangchen,Is also angry,Since I don’t have that strength,Don’t pretend13,it’s good now13Also installed,But the one who got hit in the face really hurts!

Han Zhili swallowed,I also swallowed the breath I couldn’t swallow。 On the ring,Xiang Chen cleverly avoided his vitals,Although the fists of the Ivy League youths on Xiang Chen were quite loud,But it has no effect on Xiang Chen’s health。 Several people are playing in the ring,It’s just that outsiders seem to have lost Xiang Chen […]


Xiang Chen nodded,Spit out a few times slowly,Then he said again:“Knowing that you are all characters on the scene,I won’t make you embarrassed!”

There was a wry smile in Wu Fei’s heart,If you don’t embarrass yourself,Won’t call myself over!Only when facing Xiang Chen,Wu Feihua still maintains decent respect on his face。 Waiting quietly for Xiang Chen’s instructions,Since I won’t make myself embarrassed,He also had a plan in mind。 “Not looking at the sea,There are only a few companies […]


There are no obvious signs on this old fishing boat,Just outside the ship’s side,Someone carved a crooked letter with a knifeKword,At first glance,I would definitely think it was a kid’s naughty work。

but,In the eyes of some caring people,This oneKThe meaning of words is not simple,This ship is currently the largest society on Hong Kong Island,fourteenKThe boat,And it’s a snake boat,The kind specially used for smuggling。 When Bai Zhiwei saw this strange fishing boat,,Leaned in immediately。 Black on the beach,Out of sight,Except for a light on the […]


“Hojo Tadao, the old king is so shameless we are!do you know?He is already forming a new magazine team,Using our creativity,He also found a painter from Japan,Copied the ideas in your book,Change the King of Fighters character to a comic version,Will be published soon。”

“what?Why he did this?”Lu Menglin was shocked,Can’t help asking。 “Someone willing to cooperate with him,Let him secretly hold,To win the domestic game and animation market,Now he is our biggest competition Rival。And the most troublesome is,Our follow-up funds have also been suspended,There is almost no money on the account now,If you don’t get the money soon,We’re […]


In fact, Lu Menglin can also refuse directly,Keep the shipboard intelligence in the Jingshen Valley,Slow its evolution,Always serve myself。

but,Lu Menglin’s inner nature is still a curious teenager,He is not a profit-only businessman,I don’t want to think about maximizing benefits,Instead, consider shipboard intelligence as a life that can communicate equally,A friend in need。 So he just hesitated a little,I decided to agree to take it out。 “You can go out!But if you leave,What to […]

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