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The previous hype against Brain Machine Society,It also confirms the authenticity that the project team is mainly composed of undergraduates,Don’t need him and Gao Deyuan to bother。

Han Jingchang’s look began to become complicated。 Just Gao Deyuan bragging on the phone,He wouldn’t believe it if he was killed。 Can add Wang Yufei,The meeting place is set at Changxiang Technology,This situation is different again。 But no matter what,A bunch of undergraduates have developed a high-energy density battery,For Han Jingchang, it is still a […]


Fang Na looked up,Dry laugh,“can,no problem,Whoever wants to return the investment,at any time,Please bring your voucher and go to the financial room to take the money,Our company’s investment is voluntary,Come and go free。”

Zhao Qianqian killed her and never expected Fang Na to pursue her so much before,I’m going to turn my face and deny people,then,She did it all for a little friendship with Fang Na,In the case of sympathy, it is equivalent to lending to Fang Na,So she didn’t let her write an IOU。 later,Fang Na said […]


Jin Yimei’s office is a single room,After Wang Lin knocked on the door,In front of me,She took Xia Jian into it。

A thick pile of ledger codes on the desk,A forty-something,Woman wearing gold rim glasses,What are you looking for,She didn’t look up,Asked casually:“what’s up,In a hurry?If you are not in a hurry, please come see me this afternoon“ Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Said with a smile:“President Jin,President Xia came to see you“ Jin Yimei put […]


Zhao Luo got angry when he saw Fang Na’s expression,“That’s better,He fits,He is great,You can hand over the company to him。”

Fang Na’s mouth,“Zhao Luo,I’m not talking about you,You have a cruel mouth,Afraid I look down on you,I have to show some real skills,Understand?” “it is good,I don’t have the skills。”Zhao Luo is still not convinced。 Fang Na looked at Zhao Luo’s immature appearance,Anger in my heart,“okay,No more,You will be responsible for trade and game development […]


“There are two good news,Which one do you want to hear first?”The instructor’s childish questioning made Li Tianzhen laugh or cry。

“Any bad news?”Li Tianzhi asked。 The instructor is temporarily speechless,Hesitated for a long time,Simply put a briefcase in his hand on the small round table,“Song Xiaotong has news,These bastards still want to go to the southwest border,Was trapped by Gu Jian’s people,‘Mane rat’They left yesterday。” Li Tianzhen looked at the briefcase on the table and […]


The door was opened gently by the two maids,Princess Luoshui has obviously also gone through some meticulous dressing,The silk cloth is tightly attached to Miaoman’s body,Can think of the silky and soft skin。

Her platinum silk hair,Under the moonlight and colorful lights,More noble and charming,As for the silver jade ornaments,It adds a bit of mystery to her appearance、Sacred and charming。 “No one has seen the real face of the princess,is this real?”Zhu Minglang pour double the wine,Handed it to the princess of the country。 “Do you want to […]


“There are three thousand yuan here,Hand in all“Wang Youcai said,I took out my wallet and threw it to Tian Wa。

Julan dumbfounded,It will cost three thousand yuan for this problem,It seems that Wang Youcai is really angry this time。She thought that Chen Donghai would be over this time,He can’t make much money in a year,Look at Wang Youcai’s posture,Not crawling him down,This thing seems to be endless。 Wang Youcai’s fault,Neither broken,It didn’t hurt the bones,It’s […]


Came to the ward。

Tucker looked excited。 “Doctor Fang,Thanks to you!otherwise,My life is really gone!” “You can get better!to me,Is the best news!” Fang Yu slowly said。 “This is our family’s little care……Please accept it!” Tu Ke asked his mother to give Fang Yu a bag。 As for what’s inside,Fang Yu is not clear。 But it looks heavy,Not easy! […]


“Patriarch,Are we going to remove those hidden lines?”The subordinate stepped forward and asked cautiously。

Although Wang Zhenming is angry,But the head of the patriarch is still online,Think for a moment“To revoke those rests,But you go looking for blood to kill,I want to issue a reward order!” His pupils shrank“Obey!” Wang Zhenming looked at the dark night sky thoughtfully。 。。。 Fuming in the academy room, looking at the halberd in […]

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