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“With your support,I’m not afraid of anything”Dragon Ball said very confidently。

Just at this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Once connected,I heard Zhao Longlong’s unfriendly voice:“Go to Zimingxuan for a cup of tea” “Your uncle’s,I was looking for you,You came here by yourself”Xia Jian couldn’t help but cursed。 Smart Fang Fang listened,Busy to Heiwa and they made a gesture,Everyone got in the car,It seems that the rain is […]


“If Gan Yifan,Maybe it can go on。”Huang Kai suddenly said。

“not necessarily。”As the Taoist said,“Yunji Island’s environment is dominated by Yin and evil spirits,Different from the extremely cloudy environment here……Leader Ning,You saw him when you came down?” “He and Xu Wan are on top,I have told you about the changes above,If no other changes continue,They just need to watch out for sandworms,There should be no […]


See before,Wang Teng at this time,Slightly curious,Subconsciously asked before my eyes。

It’s what Wang Teng said,obviously,It makes the hearts of those around you,Suddenly I feel eager to try。 After all, now,Such a good opportunity,Actually it’s already in front of them。 Seeking wealth in insurance,What should I do now,Actually the most important,It still depends on how they fight for it themselves。 And looking at it all,at this […]


Flying wolf and others one kilometer away,Unprepared,Directly overturned by the heat wave hundreds of meters。

Slightly weaker body strength,The body was blown up directly,No chance of surviving。 “Activate passive skills,Unlock human potential,The Immortal King Kong enters the fifth stage in a short time……” Qin Hao suddenly,I feel my whole body is going to be burned。 An instant,The entire Tianlin Oil Plant was directly evaporated by high temperature。 Rao is the […]


Xia Jianyi listen,Of course happy,He wanted to give another big gift,But he was supported by the chief Caiyi and said:”You are Welcome,This exercise takes a long time,You have to study hard“

Xia Jian nodded,Sit cross-legged,Learned from Caiyi Daoist Master。When this exercise is finished,It’s more than four o’clock in the afternoon。 ”child,It’s getting late,You hurry down the mountain!Since the car is halfway,Unsafe factors are inevitable。If i am in good health,Will come to Pingdu in the beginning of spring next year,Let’s talk about it slowly“Caiyi said,Made a gesture […]


The middle-aged man laughed and said:“It seems you are really a layman。I tell you,Angkor lead2#Pavilion hold,No matter what you are doing。All the projects here are contracted by him,It’s like eating alone,Is this really profitable?!”

“Such as mud transportation,Others can transport 400 yuan per car,And a car here in Angkor costs 600 yuan。You can let others come,But others can’t pull it out。Just like now,Get around,Make trouble every day,Later, Angkor didn’t do the earthwork” Xia Jian laughed when he heard this:“understood,This time I understand”Actually he did it on purpose,Just want to […]


“I have said it before,Why don’t you believe it?”

“But now,Since you have to do this,So next,Even if i get rid of you,You have nothing to say,Is not it?” When Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,For such things,Wang Teng’s heart,How can you be unclear? So I’m looking at it,The more so,Actually from now on,These things,What should I do。 All of this,In fact, it’s already here.。 […]


But only at first glance,He immediately judged that the other party was not his own,Especially the last two,Huge size,And also carrying something like sacks。The heavy gasp made Li Tianchou’s head hit hard,He immediately rounded his eyes,With a swish, he pulled out the dagger from his waist。

These two strong men can be regarded as old acquaintances,Li Tianchou had been attacked by them near Shuitianyise,At that time, the leader was a thin man who looked like a clown。According to Zhu Lei and Nie Tao,They all belong to one called“Xufengtang”Organization killer。 Uncle Geng guessed right,This so-called“Xufengtang”Should have a very close relationship with Zhang […]

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