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“Brother Yang,You are willing to work in this store for a lifetime?”Cen Cheng looked at Yang Yong,Can’t figure it out for him。

“I was just like you,Also want to do business,Due to impatient,Business broke down,Not rich,Fell into a negative,Money is gone,Wife ran away。”Yang Yong said with a smile。 “You marry Xia Shuyue,I’m not rich。”Cen Cheng said casually。 Yang Yong was shocked,Although people usually doubt his relationship with Xia Shuyue,How much will I say a word or two,But […]


Smart boss Lin,Busy saying:“Since Boss Li agrees,Please sit down for this beauty,The more people play, the more exciting it becomes“Boss Lin said,Took a look at Xia Jian。Xia Jian thought,This Han Juan is too courageous,This is 50,000 yuan!If he loses alone, forget it,In case someone wins,Then don’t they lose a lot。

Just when Xia Jian was weighing this problem,Boss Lin suddenly asked:“Boss Li!Who will deal this card??“Boss Lin suddenly asked this question,This is of course very important。 “I think it is inappropriate for you to deal with this card,You may still disagree with me,So I think let this beauty send,Is this fair to each of us??“Li […]


“I took it off for you,Afraid of you being sick……”Gan Yifan talked and walked out,“I didn’t take off your underwear,Change yourself。Get dressed and come out quickly,It’s not safe here。”

soon,Xu Wan came out,Blushing,But still calm。She should be saying something thankful,But when I came to the cave, I saw everything in front of me,stunned。 “How did it become like this?”Xu Wan whispered。 “Don’t understand why。”Gan Yifan said,Paused,Not sure:“Maybe it has something to do with the entire space being a magic circle,Entrance circle destroyed,River pouring in,Touch […]


Meizi deliberately stared charmingly, Wang Youcai said:“You are not a man,Like a donkey。You said how many women have been harmed by your donkey?’

“cut!What is scourge,They are willing to find me, OK??”Wang Youcai laughed,A little overwhelmed。 Chen Gui in his sleep suddenly said a dream, This frightened Wang Youcai。He suddenly became sober,Quickly jump off the kang,Quickly put on your shoes and run out。 Plum lowers the voice,Whispered:“Wait for me,I send you” Night is a bit late,Xiping Village is […]


He opened it,I saw Guo Meili inQQWritten in“If you want to rebuild the startup group,Then I can immediately transfer the business here to others,Invest 200 million for you。But what I want to ask is,Who is the largest shareholder of the venture group in the future?”

After Xia Jian saw this news,He thought for a moment,Deliberately reply:“Venture Group will definitely be surnamed Xia in the future,Can no longer be surnamed Xiao,Otherwise, Xiao Xiao will be finished” ———— First2581chapter Great background “I want to kill you Xia Jian” Guo MeiliQQA big scarlet character popped up on it,Hou Zai brought a bloody knife。Xia […]


“Don’t be polite between us,It’s okay to help each other”Luo Jun said and glanced at his watch。

Ali immediately understood Luo Jun’s meaning,So he smiled and said:“Miss!It’s late,You and Uncle Luo go back!I will send President Xia to the group tomorrow morning。Don’t worry,This time,I will take care of him” Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Immediately stood up and said:“it is good!Then rest early!See you tomorrow”Luo Yi finished,Get up and go。Luo Jun nodded at […]


Chen Xiugang is going out of the bunker,Suddenly felt a breath of death on the right side,He has no time to hide,The whole person fell forward。

“clang、clang……” Chen Xiuren on the ground,I only heard that the place where he was hiding was shot by a dense burst of bullets,These bullets hit the chassis of the car and burst into flames。 Look in the direction of the incoming bullet,I saw a van dashing towards me 50 meters away,The gunman in the car […]


But one person didn’t move,The silhouette of the person can probably be seen under the reflection of the motorcycle headlights behind him,Not tall,Seems to be holding a pistol in his left hand,Holding a person’s hair with his right hand,That person should be kneeling beside him with his head up,Looks very weird。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six The last dream That person uses the terrain,I don’t seem to be afraid of the rushing motorcycle,Didn’t even turn around,But staring at the bottom of the hill intently。 Seeing four or five people rush down down the slope,Li Tianchou and Wen Hui don’t know if they should do […]


Zhou Ye, my eyes,Eye red,Incomparable touch。

“Teacher Xu Xu。”He took a long time,Only one sentence mentioned。 Xu Ruo is looking to Zhou Ye,I have some distressed in my eyes.,Turn suddenly laughing:“I have long said that this person is awkward.,Can still be called?” “Be found,Nothing Teacher Salvation,I don’t know what to say.。”Zhou Ye, my face,Just experience will make him feel uncomfortable for […]


“will not,He has a thick skin,I believe in character。”The instructor looked up at the deep night sky outside the window。

Night sky,A faint meteor slowly passes southeast,Li Tianzhen riding on Lihuo,Looking down at the mortal lights of Canruo Xinghe,With emotion in my heart,He didn’t mean to blame anyone,Just thinking about the past,Like a picture scroll that automatically turns pages,One by one,Scenes。 versusSZThe Institute of Physiology and Pathology in Cooperation with the Sixth People’s Hospital,Located in […]

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