Month: October 2021


“On credit,You tried to harm the palace owner?!”The elder of Yishuidian shouted loudly。

“Credit Qingchun,In full view,You are bold!”The elders of the Golden Wind Palace also rushed out to stand side by side with the elders of the credit。 “Squirting!”The elder of Houtu Hall’s eyes widened,Beard and hair,Not afraid of accusations,“He sees the palace owner alone supporting,Lack of spiritual power,If you don’t help at this time, you may […]


“Amitabha,Let the Liao brother are right,Two snake demon good help,Just now I am impulsive。”Fahai felt,seeing is believing,Recognizing the demon,Just thinking that it is a narrow, it is narrow.。

See two snakes,Although the Fahai lost for many years,But it feels no secret to fall into a big stone.,Laugh:“Good and good,Goodwireous,The poor will break your life tonight.,I hope you are so good.。” Liao Wenjie:“……” how to say,This monk is a heart and death.,Still very arrogant。 The fault is more embarrassing on the face of the […]


And Hu Gui Nan’s light power law is very special? Speed、It’s still not ordinary people walking.? But there is a unique advantage——No sound,And it is also possible with a set of obedience、Perfect fit。

Just like the original flexible suggestion,Can use a touch of clothes that look flat,I completely block my body? It seems like it disappeared in place.…… Hu Gui Nan is in action? Also use the surrounding,Perfect hidden body shape。 Although the tree is on the side,There is a secret whistle of the tiger,But Hu Gui Nan […]



You are the first time to travel?” I asked Qin Xue like this,Li Hui’s nodded,How can he have money to run?,And still work hard。 It is indeed the first time.。 However, he doesn’t understand what is related to the first time.。 See Li Hui nodded,Qin Xue also nodded:“I said how you still have a bargain […]


“I guess this man is a hillbilly,What kind of world does Meijiang come from?,I really thought this was still in that township Kaka。”

“Just,Look at his clothes,Not even a sign,It is estimated to be a stall。” People around are talking,Ridicule him。 The attitude of the waiter changed immediately。 She also thinks Qin Hao is a turtle,Waved his hand and said。 “Find by yourself,Don’t wander around in front of me,Face fat,”The waitress has a very unhappy tone。 “A smell […]


“You also find Cao Anna?She is there302room……”The little nurse is relieved,To the two。

“Thank you。” I saw two hand-held gifts and bouquets,got inside302room。And the little nurses at the nurse’s station at the door started talking。 “Wow,visit302Room,Here comes another handsome boy!” “do you know?I recognize him,He seems to be the professional player who just announced his retirement,What is Xu Lai?……My boyfriend likes to watch his games the most!” “What […]


Nineteenth day,Wright successfully combined this thread【The pulsation of the earth】versus【Power of life】A bit of fusion,Greatly increase the material attack and defense capabilities of Wright’s earth。

31st day,Wright‘Power of life’As a bridge,make【The pulsation of the earth】with【Gravity space mystery】Fusion,Wright used this to show‘Gravitational space field’Power increase。But Wright understands,There is actually a lot of excavation in this gravity field。Fully integrated‘Gravity space mystery’with‘Pulsating Mystery’And operate in a special way,But the master of Purgatory Reisjing’s trick,Of course Wright understands that he does not have the […]


Lu Haocheng,The eyes have a fierce cold light。

In his world,Only blue is the best。 “Continental,Why? Don’t I am bad?? I am in the company for three years.,These three years,There are also other companies to find me.,But I for you,Never moved,Always staying in the Lu Group is for you。” ttWhat do you want to be unwilling,She is an international model,I will choose here.,It […]

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