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“I didn’t mess with anything,But the second brother said I have something,He didn’t make it clear“Wang Youcai whispered。By now,He already knows a rough idea,But he can’t admit,Can only hold on。

Wang Youdao burst into flames when he heard it,He pointed his finger at Wang Youcai’s head,Lowered his voice and shouted:“Pingdu, a few days ago,Caught a group of people involved in crime。The bureau chief called me just now,Said during the review process,Some people say you are their boss“ “Hahahaha!I thought it was something,So that’s it!Then don’t […]


Look at these eighteen magic weapons,Li Ming stretched out his arm,But feel a familiar but unfamiliar formation。

Want to forcefully crack this formation,I’m afraid I need the power of the peak of the gods。 but,It doesn’t need to be like this for Li Ming,A trace of soul reveals。 “the host!”Among the eighteen magic weapons,There were nostalgic voices in the aura。 These magic weapons,But they all have magical spirits。 Although most of it […]


“and so,There is nothing else?”

Fang Yu continued。 “Gone!” Dean Chang said slowly。 He wants to be quiet now! “Dean, are you okay?……”Fang Yu saw Dean Chang who was depressed,Asked with concern。 “Nothing!You go busy!” Changyuan sighed。 Never in the mood to talk to Fang Yu。 After Fang Yu left。 Ruan Wu ran up,“You talked for so long in Dean […]


“Fate lock!”

Tian Yunzi cried out,The corners of my eyes are shaking slightly。 The blood clotted flower body trembled slightly,But because of the spiritual light,She can’t make any movements。 “Fate lock。。。” “Rumors are used to lock in love above one’s own fate!” “The identity of this little girl,I’m afraid it’s not easy。。。” Tianyunzi. ———— Chapter Four Hundred […]


In the corridor,Another decoration worker,And delivery staff,Hanging on a wall。

Liao Jie looked around,Two face-to-face office,A red plaque,The other is very low-key,Only a small word of the whole expert is posted on the door。 Looking at the four words of the whole expert,Liao Jie nodded,If you don’t make a mistake,This is another plot。 pity,Necessary to participate in,Beginning of comedy,Comedy,All-way wear insertion。The anti-party is not a […]


Although a beautiful packaging,But according to the weight of the above,And the texture of ginseng,Root must let him immediately feel that there is a problem in his hands.。

“Zhou Shu,This person is a wild ginseng or artificial planting.?” “Oh,Look at my brain,I have forgotten to introduce you.,This is all wild ginseng,You see this color,White yellow white,It’s all dry and clean,There were several people to buy it.,The result was all packaged directly by me.。” I heard Zhou Shengjie,Li Hui Feng felt some speechless。 He […]


She lowered her voice and said:“Let’s go!“Xia Jian nodded,Followed Xiaoting to pick up the bill at the front desk,The two came out of this Sichuan restaurant,When just getting in the car。

Which three people led Chen San to catch up,He stops in front of the car,Told Xia Jian coldly:“What happened,Just go like this!Is it too interesting?“ “Just say what you want,Don’t go around“Xia Jianqiang suppressed the anger in his heart and said。 Chen San took a step closer,Then he smiled and said:“You stole the limelight last […]


Meizi moves quickly,Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,She and her son got into Wang Youcai’s car。Wang Youcai glanced at Meizi,Lower your voice and say:”Just say what you need,I buy it for you“

“Something i don’t want“Plump neck,So pretend to say arrogantly。 Wang Youcai smiled,He lowered his voice and laughed:“You don’t want my stuff?Then why did you ask for something of mine last night?And I wanted it once and thought twice“Wang Youcai said,I couldn’t help but laugh first。 A plum,Flushed with shame,She peeked around,Suddenly rushed over,She screwed it […]

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