Month: January 2022


US high supersonic weapon test failed

"Black Eagle" missile in the transfer.According to the US "Airweek Week" website, the US Army and the Navy promoted the "First Joint Flight Test" (JFC-1) in Alaska Codiak Island (JFC-1) to fail.This test uses the "General High Surpers" warhead and booster integrated flight, and the throttle failure is not successful. Cause Analysis is not on […]


Promoting the standardization of adolescent education

Promoting the standardization of adolescent education: 2021-11-1614: 35 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network Recently, the Ministry of Education formulated the eighth five-year plan for "national education system to carry out public treatment and education (2021-2025) Year) ", clearly demanding Xi Jinping’s legal thinking into school education; promoting constitutional textbooks to prepare […]


Southeastern Guizhou: Improvement of rectification responsibility mechanisms to do a good job in patrol "second half article"

"The Southeastern China Finance Bureau established the young cadres training account, establishing a sound mechanism for the exchange of financial staff, do a lot of job practice, multi-post training, comprehensive training of the young cadres, and 25 have all completed and rectification. "This is the transcript of the 10th round of the Southeast State Committee […]


The representative of the Argentine Overseas Chinese Community was invited to participate in the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Buyer.

  On November 17th, the Argentine Chinese Net reported that Argentina local time November 16th, the Director of the Argentine Hua Shuyuan Director Yan Xiangxing, the President of the Argentine International Export Chamber of Commerce, Xue Wenqiang, Executive Director of Hua Waist, in the Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Lin Feng and Changxing With the […]


Pollution source becomes new resources – Inner Mongolia Rural Straw Recycling Sense – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhuanet collects straw, smashing, transporting, transporting … With the autumn harvest entering an end, Inner Mongolia uses farm hours to speed up the storage of straw recycling, let the pollution source of incineration treated into environmental protection and energy saving, boost the countryside ECO development.   In the past few days, in Bayannsu City, Hang […]

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