Beijing white pear "" gets 5 seconds


Beijing white pear "" gets 5 seconds

  On September 24th, in Wang Ping Town, Wangping Town, Mentougou District, the event of the peasant festival of the peasant festival, a "梨" competition is in full swing, 12 groups of families will carefully choose 6 " "Beijing-white pear" vertical stacks, after 5 seconds, the shortest one is better. Beijing Youth reporter learned that high quality Beijing white pear is a flat circle as the United States, with an average single fruit weight of 110 grams, and the large fruit can reach 200 grams.

"In the past, there was a standard for the ‘ten fruits and not falling.

"A viewing fruit farmer introduced the reporter.

Therefore, "Bay" competition is the best way to verify the shape of fruit. Autumn is the season of eating pear, the most famous variety in Beijing is "Jingbai Pear" listed in the national geographical indicator product. "Jingbai Pear" is a year in the year, and it is the best admission period before I arrive in the National Day in early September. It is understood that the "Beijing-white pear" planting in the doorgou area is mainly distributed in Munzhuang Town, Wang Ping Town, Miaofengshan Town. This year’s total output is around 440,000 pounds, and sales have reached 80%. At present, "Jingbai Pear" officially entered the hot season, and the citizen friend can associate with the village committee of Dongshan Village, Wangping Town, Munzhuang Town, Mentougou District, Tangyan Village, Miarifeng Mountain Town Buy.

Reporter Pu Changting Photography / This reporter Yang Yi.

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