Do a good job in military intelligent talents


Do a good job in military intelligent talents

Military intelligent talents is the construction of intelligent military, winning the strategy of winning the intelligent war. Specialized talents call for specialization. Specialized training is not "smart +" or "+ intelligent" transformation for existing talent training systems, but docked military demand, based on disciplines, target training models, special models, and specialized models, and conducting quality certification.

The new era military education should accelerate the road to the training of military intelligent talents, and seize the intelligent war talent advantages in the forward-looking preset. Establish a cultivation of military demand. The training concept determines the direction of talent training, running through the whole process of talent training. The new era military education should firmly establish the cultivation concept of accurate docking military demand, and clarify who intelligent talents come to raise the demand, what is needed, what kind of demand should be formed.

All the theventers, the military and military species forces are the proposal of the proposal, military intelligence technology and intelligent weapons and equipment development, military power structure, intelligent war winning mechanism, and operational methods change, etc. , Quality, etc. is the form of expression. To form a specific demand for intelligent talent training through scientific argumentation and system research, it is used as a logical starting point for specialized cultivation. Set up a subject of matters in the matching position. The disciplines determine the type of talent culture. The discipline professional layout of matching position is an important symbol of implementing specialization and promoting the fundamental relying on specialization. The military discipline system should be used to optimize the adjustment opportunity, deepen the dynamic adjustment mechanism of disciplines, meet the military intelligent change, adapt to the new requirements of discipline, match the demand for talents such as military intelligence construction, management, combat, command, guarantee, etc. Professional, key professional, specialty in one, military intelligence theory, military intelligence technology, military intelligence operation application and other professional fields, preset forward-looking, high precision, high-level intersection coordinated development, Provide disciplines support for intelligent technology innovation talents, intelligent combat technical talents, intelligent combat command management talents, intelligent combat security talents, etc. Constructing the cultivation model of the standard professional standard. The cultivation model of forming a target professional standard is the core of specialization.

The specialization of military intelligent talents should highlight the high-tech professional attributes of military intelligence, reflect the professional qualities of military and intelligent technology integration, and the professional standards, powerful domains, quality domains related to standard military intelligence, and comprehensive use systems. Structural technology, system engineering method, mathematical model method, etc.

Forming a docking and winning requirement, reflecting the world’s first-class level, scientific normative, operable, evaluable professional talent training standards, providing target-oriented and evaluation rules for intelligent talent professional cultivation.

Using a cultivation pattern that meets the talents.

The training mode determines the quality of talent training.

It is a key support for professional cultivation. Different categories of military intelligence professionals, such as military intelligent technology innovation talents, with intelligent combat technology talents, have their different talent characteristics, growth laws and training needs.

Precision to cultivate military intelligent talents, must follow military education general rules, but also to optimize talent training system links, form a unique cultural model that is closely coupled with talent growth law. At present, military education should focus on the requirements of caching and winning, winning the feature of various types of military intelligence, thoroughly study the ability to generate the law, and clear the best path of talent growth, through the three sports people’s link blockage Point, interchange point, replenish blind spot, build standardization, standardization, professional training mode, provide strong support for military intelligent talent efficient cultivation. Implement quality certification of focusing post capabilities.

Quality certification is an indispensable and lack of professional training.

The professional training of military intelligent talents, the core objectives are professionals who wrought all kinds of professional positions.

Different professional positions have different demand, and the core capacity system is also different. Military education should be based on the construction of the qualification qualification standards, run the qualification qualification mechanism, and carry out each "product" of specialized cultivation. Quality identification, and As the quality qualification result as a must-have condition, it is ensured that the talents of the cultivated delivery are competent, the military intelligence scientific research positions, and intelligent combat, command and guarantee job demand. (陈 放) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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