Chongqing’s cadres and masses hot discussing the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Participation of the Participation of the Participation in the Times.


Chongqing’s cadres and masses hot discussing the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Participation of the Participation of the Participation in the Times.

  The hundred years of wind is stirring through the magnificent journey, and the century-old struggle is cast in the past century.

In the past few days, the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee continued to cause enthusiastic response in Chongqing’s cadres and masses.

Everyone is seriously studied, and I deeply understand the spirit of the Plenary. It is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of the plenary meeting as the power, condense the strength, and the mission, in the new driving road, the courage is in the times, and struggle to write innocent, worthy of the people’s excellent answer.

  Practice the mission of the initial mission, the strong power of the condensed "Don’t forget the glory of the suffering yesterday, the mission of today, the great dream of today, the great dream of tomorrow." Zhang Xuefeng, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, said the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau will implement learning The spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session as the current and future major political tasks, we will grasp the right to grasp, enhance the "two established" ideas, political consciousness and action, and vigorously promote the spirit of the great website, coordinate development and safety. Continue to advance the construction of "one core two network · 百 库 千 千" water network construction, rural water supply "one change three to mention" five-year action, flood control capacity improvement, with "river long system" to promote water ecological construction and other water conservancy focus, Strive to promote the high quality development of water conservancy and continuously improve water safety. Liu Xiaoqiang, secretary of the longevity district committee, said that longevity will unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of the plenary, from the middle, adhere to the global planning domain, serve in a domain service, bury their head, and be built to build High quality development high-quality life new examples and urbanization development is a common area, accelerate the construction of new materials with global influence, world-class sports and intensive tourism destinations, China’s longevity life science city, for building international greenization Intelligent people have struggled to work hard to create a better future for longevity.

  "After unremitting efforts, we have achieved great victory of the poverty reduction and get rid of absolute poverty.

In the future, we will be more determined, more consciously practice the initial mission, and solidly promote the revitalization of rural villages.

"Li Weidong, secretary of the Wuxi County Party Committee, said," resolution "is another episode and mobilization order after China’s new era of" strong ".

Wuxi will use good humanities, ecological two babies, and strive to create a national tourism demonstration zone and cooperate with the big three gorges, and achieve farm integration development.

Cultivate the development of the specialty industry, promote the high-efficiency agricultural improvement and efficiency of mountain features, and solidly promote the revitalization of rural villages, build the benchmark of the village revitalization of Yandang E-border, realize the organic unity of ecological beauty, industry, and the people rich.

  Bearing in mind, the "resolution" adopted by the party’s 20th National "Plenary with excellent results, is the" resolution "adopted by the General Assembly, the future, to create the future, to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation, said the director of the Municipal Party Committee, said that The new starting point of the 100-year party, the relay is a new journey, the Netcom front will be in the past, before, before, go before, give full play to the Internet advantage, vigorously promote good, spread the spirit of the plenary, inspiring people, condense Forces, promote development. Always grasp the development trend, firm ideals, keep in mind the initial mission, always stand in the times of new productivity and new development direction, firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the thousands of difficulties brought by the Chinese nation, inherit, good use "Ten adheres to" historical experience, fully implement the tasks of network strong countries in the specific work of Chongqing Netcom, to meet the party’s 20th largest.

  Xie Linna, secretary of the Lijiang District Party Committee, said that through the above rate, "Demonstration", play the "histological", enrich the carrier "innovative", widely mobilized youth, young pioneers, group youth organization, etc. Through various forms, the spirit of learning the Plenary Session, unity leading the people of the entire district, unwilling to follow the party, striving for reform promotion and trunk, bravely doing the inquiry, pioneers, dedication of the forefront of the times. On November 15th, Danglun, Party Secretary, Jincheng Community, Daxukou District, is "mobile office" in Hong Kong Garden.

"What is the party’s leadership? It is Shenxin, take legs, and thinks with the people, dry together, and create a happy future.

"She said that the community will further deepen and expand the" mobile office "working model, guide social workers, community volunteers, community organizations, social resources, etc. to jointly sit together" mobile office desk ", so that residents can use the work of the residents Equalize.

  Responding to the call to continue to struggle, put the people at the highest position in the heart from the city to the country, from the campus to the enterprise, the number issued by the Plenary resounded to the earth, remembering the initial mission, and the response of the continuous struggle continued.

  Zhang Xiaohong, Dean of the Municipal Agricultural Sciences, said that it will take the practice of implementing the spirit of the Plenary, with a high degree of political responsibility and good spiritual state, take the initiative to promote science and technology self-improvement, support the mission of the country’s comprehensive revitalization, focusing seed industry, green Low-carbon technology, agricultural product processing value added, mountain agricultural machinery research and development, intelligence agriculture and other scientific and technological needs, vigorously carry out scientific and technological research, vigorously promote the transformation of results, in order to promote the high-quality development of Chongqing agricultural rural, accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural modernization. Put the people at the highest position in your heart, adhere to the people’s position, the people’s first, to make happiness for the people, this is a "big man" in the heart of the Chinese Communist Party, and it is also a born. Sumdlers, secretary of the party committee and general manager of China Mobile Chongqing, said that China Mobile Chongqing has a deep understanding of the theme main line of the party’s hundred years of struggle, adheres to the people-oriented, carry forward the "People’s Posts and Telecommunications to the People", and promote the new foundation , Integrate new elements, stimulate new kinetic energy, continue to improve network quality, contact quality, product quality, and promote social people’s livelihood, enhance people’s well-being and other aspects, help the construction and support of Chongqing, the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle, and support "Zhizhi" Heavy town "" Wisdom Famous City ". "City water supply is closely related to people’s livelihood, we must learn to understand the spirit of the plenary meeting, always keep in mind what the Chinese Communist Party is, what is going to do.

"A few days ago, Tang Yu, secretary of the party committee and executive director of the Municipal Shui Water Co., Ltd., surveyed the second phase of the second phase expansion project of Jingkou Shui Factory of the Municipal League of Municipal League. He said that it is necessary to implement the spirit of the Plenary Session. The work center of the urban water supply center is closely combined, and the construction of major people’s livelihood projects will focus on optimizing the business environment. , Answer "people’s livelihood volume".

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