19th Central Seventh round inspection completed feedback


19th Central Seventh round inspection completed feedback

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing on September 5, according to the deployment of the Party Central Committee, the 19th Central Seventh round patrol feedback work has completed all. This wheel patrol feedback takes a combination of a centralized feedback conference and a pair of "one-to-one" feedback group. On September 2, the Central Inspection Work Leading Group held the 19th Central Seventh round patrol concentration feedback conference.

The meeting conducted the study of General Secretary Xi Jinping to listen to the central seventh round of inspection, informing the common issues of inspected discovery, focusing on patrol feedback and rectification work. Yang Xiaotai, a member of the Central Political Bureau and the Central Inspection, and Yang Xiaotai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. From September 2nd to 4, 15 central inspection teams have conducted "one-to-one" feedback from the Ministry of Education and 31. According to the central inspection work arrangement, the central inspection group generally informed the important issues of inspector discovery to the main person in charge of the patrol party, and fed back to the leadership team. Feedback pointed out that the party center of Xi Jinping is highly attached to the education work, adhering to the development of education, promoting the development of education reform, has achieved significant changes in education.

The Party Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Education have been significantly improved, and the work of school management has achieved new effectiveness, and the national strategy and economic and social development make a positive contribution.

  Feedback also pointed out the highlighting of the inspection discovery. Some strengthen political construction has not enough, implement the party’s education policy and the party central government’s decision-making deployment, complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of the concept of new development concept is not enough, and the law of the new era is not accurate enough; some implement Li De The fundamental task is insufficient, and ideological and political education is relatively weak. The school spirit has a short plate. The teacher’s head is mainly to be strengthened; some of the implementation of the principal’s responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee is insufficient, the party committee actively acts as an insufficient, in fulfilling Direction, management overall situation, make decisions, caught the team, with team, and guarantees and other responsibilities; some doing a good job of ideology work in the new era, there is a risk hazard in varying degrees; some deepen from severely controlling the party Insufficient, the responsibility pressure is not in the end, the problem of some of the subordinate units reflects more, scientific research, infrastructure, etc. The problem is also reflected, formalism, bureaucratic issues are more prominent, and individual units have a strike in violation of the central eight provisions; some strengthen the team team and the grassroots party organizations have insufficient construction, and implement the new era party’s organizational route is not enough. Feedback, the patrol unit should continue to learn from the new era of Xi Jinping, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important discussion of educational work, and earnestly study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping to listen to the inspection situation, further strengthen political construction Improve political stations, accurately grasp the requirements of "the big people" on education work, strengthen and improve the comprehensive leadership of colleges and universities, implement the party’s education policy, adhere to the direction of socialist schools, and firmly go to China’s characteristic higher education development route. It is necessary to focus on the main business of Liede Tree, strengthen ideological and political work and teacher’s head, and the construction of the school style, and focus on cultivating the socialist builders and successors of German intelligence. To actively adapt to the requirements of the new era, based on the new development stage, combine functional responsibilities, complete and accurate and comprehensively implement the new development concept, service and integrate the new development pattern, and promote the deepening of education reform, strengthen the construction of college governance system and governance capacity. Promoting Higher Education Connotation High Quality Development. It is necessary to implement the "Regulations on the University of China ‘s Communist Higher Education Institution", and conscientiously implement the principal’s responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, strengthen the construction of college leadership teams, cadres talent teams and grassroots party organizations.

It is necessary to promote colleges and universities to strictly develop the party to the depth development, layers compacted "two responsibilities", and resolutely overcome the "college special theory", seriously investigate and deal with corruption in education, form a powerful shock, improve power operation supervision and constraints, integral Don’t dare to rot, can’t rot, don’t want to rot, and strike the strict primary base throughout the process of reform and development in colleges and universities.

  Feedback emphasized that the patrol party organization should take instruction rectification as a strong start of the government, the party committee (Party group), must take the first responsible person’s responsibility, the members of the team implement "one post and double responsibility", the above rate, insist From this level, I changed, adhere to the comprehensive rectification, highlight key points, and focus on resolving the main contradictions in impact on high-quality development of higher education, driving comprehensive rectification through the rectification of key issues, and promoting the solution to resolving high-quality development issues, promoting Investigate a number of illegal violations of violations, and formulate a system of conflict of pragmatic management to ensure the effectiveness of rectification.

To study the instructive rectification and party history, formulate organic integration of "14th Five-Year Plan", deepening education reform, and overtractically do a good job in rectification, establish long-term mechanisms, and promise the improvement, to work to patrol Promote to practice the initial mission with actual results. Feedback requirements, adhere to the concept of system, strengthen the integration of throughput, and enhance the cooperation of rectification supervision.

The discipline inspection and supervision authority should strengthen the rectification of daily supervision, focus on leadership teams and "key minorities", focus on patrol feedback, classify the clues, active supervision, and pre-supervision, precision supervision.

For rectification, perfunctory derivation, fraudulent, serious accountability.

The organizational department should combine the problems of the inspection discovery with the construction of the college team, and strengthen the investigation and guidance of the employer and party building work of college selection, and improve management system and work mechanisms.

The Ministry of Education and other functional departments should combine the duties to promote the overall supervision, strengthen the top floor design of education reform, and combine to use good inspection results to promote the role of the specimen. It is understood that the Central Inspection Team has also received problems that reflect some of the leading cadres, which have been processed in accordance with relevant regulations to the central discipline committee national supervision committee and the central organization department.

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