Yoga practice program for beginners


Yoga practice program for beginners

Yoga practice program for beginners

Friends who have just learned yoga will have a feeling that they are looking for ways to exercise, and then no matter how many, “Hu Lian” for a while, in fact, yoga exercise is about plans and steps.

If you are a male, you need to pay more attention to posture and Panda; if you are a female, you need to pay more attention to pacing, and if you are just starting yoga practice, then what you need to learn most is posture exercises.

The following table provides your daily exercise requirements, you can also increase or decrease as appropriate.

  Get up at 6:30 in the morning for a 10-20 minute hand posture exercise at 7:00 o’clock (you can perform a “full yoga breathing” exercise). Do not exceed 10 minutes for 1 minute at 12:00 noonPanda practice “Perineal Beam Reduction” 15: 00 o’clock in the evening for 15 minutes of posture exercises 22: 20 o’clock for 10 minutes Panda’s “Recise Jaw Retraction” or “Belly Retraction”It is a very simple exercise program. It will not make you feel tired, and you will not feel that your time is taken up, but if you keep practicing, you will feel better and better. In fact, you only need to stick to 1You will have gains in months, and in a month, you can give up this plan.

  Remember, don’t let yourself get tired at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you think that this time schedule can’t be achieved. You only need to complete these exercises in roughly three time periods.

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