American Institute of Enterprises: "Talents of Talents" is the core of global leadership competition


American Institute of Enterprises: "Talents of Talents" is the core of global leadership competition

Reference Message Network June 16 (Reporter Li) US Enterprise Research Institute Recently issued a report of "Global Leadership is the battle between global talents", as the global talent competition accelerated, the United States attracts global talents, especially It is the unique competitive advantage and priority of high-skilled talents. The US government must reform existing talent policies to maintain the sustainable attraction of high-skilled talents. This is the key to maintaining US economic strength and national power. The report believes that the status of competition for technology is the most competitive frontline in the world.

High-end technology, artificial intelligence, 5G and quantum sciences can provide significant advantages in safety and geopolitical status, developing future technologies and technical standards will benefit from a lot, and the high-skilled talents of these technologies are important. Component, the United States must introduce high-tech immigrants as an important source of competitive advantage.

I. In history, the United States gains huge benefits through attracting high-skilled talents (increasingly relying on knowledge workers and entrepreneurs should carefully protect their ability to attract and retain the world’s top talent.

) The unique ability of the United States to attract global talents, especially high-skilled talents is an important competitive advantage.

The enthusiastic innovation of high-skilled immigrants improved the innovation output of the United States, promoted its own economic production, and enhanced national economic strength.

Technology immigrants have been playing an important role in the history of the United States. They have greatly promoted American science and technology research, technology development and corporate innovation.

The report pointed out that in the field of science and technology, high-skilled immigrants have long been an important drive for American scientific discovery, and is the popularity of American research institutions and domains.

A data showed that in 1901, it has received the Nobel Chemical Award, Medical Award and Physics Award, about one-third of the researchers born in foreign countries.

In the economic field, foreign immigrants are often more entrepreneurs than US local residents. As of 2019, 20% of the "Wealth" magazine 500 is created by immigrants, and 24% is created by immigrant children. In the field of innovation, innovative models led by immigrants have always been the core of the US economy, and its value far exceeds the scale of economic measurement. The report believes that immigrants work in STEM (ie Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), have enabled them to become the source of invented and innovation in the United States. In the medical field, high-skilled immigrants also play a leading role.

In the United States in the fight against SARS frontline medical professionals, the proportion of immigrants is much higher than the local residents, the leadership of the new crown vaccine development work of the two companies Modena company and Pfizer created by immigrants.

Second, as the global competition for talent is becoming increasingly fierce, the United States more attractive to highly skilled personnel gradually weakened (Ronald Reagan in the last days of his term of office, said warning: If we close the door to new Americans, we are in the world leadership will soon be lost.) reports that nearly three decades, the number of international migrants worldwide are increasing their level of education and skill levels are also subject to rapid promotion. Other countries (mainly developed countries) have recognized that highly skilled immigrants increasing trends of supply and demand, and actively adopted various measures to adjust policies to attract more entrepreneurs and people with high-tech skills.

Canada issued a business visa program, which plans to use the Canadian venture capital firms or investment group funding for start-ups, provide eligible for permanent residency immediately; Australia has to reform its permanent and temporary immigration policies, to give priority to certain skills ; Germany modified the more moderate immigration policy; even the strictest immigration policies in the history of Japan loosened position, comprehensive policy changes, support for high-skilled immigrants.

It reports that the United States can no longer take for granted that as in the past always get what you want highly skilled personnel.

Despite the increased competition, but the United States did not take strong measures to attract, support and retain talented foreigners, but moving in the opposite direction. Although Biden government promised to cancel some of his predecessor’s immigration policy and adopt a more welcoming tone, but the extent of policy change remains to be seen. Report that the United States is relatively attractive to global talent depends on a number of factors, including global competition, US immigration policy, domestic emphasis on innovation, labor and entrepreneurship as well as the broader domestic cultural trends.

But the US government did not agree with them. The uncertainty of immigration policy and the increasingly strong domestic anti-immigrant sentiment coupled with restrictions on visas and green cards treatment of specific rules changed so that foreign highly skilled personnel prohibitive.

Top technical experts, executives and academics fear that the US competitive in terms of talent is declining. Although the United States is still currently occupy the leading position in the global talent competition, but the advantage has been significantly weakened. Third, we should win the global talent competition, the need to reform immigration policy (not every educated foreigners in the United States will leave, watched part of the culture of top engineers and scientists not of intention but due to lack of opportunity to leave, It is unwise.

) Reported that US parties agreed that the United States needs a comprehensive plan to consolidate its economic and technological leadership, the government must ensure that Americans can get good jobs and opportunities, and should not be overlooked highly skilled immigrants.

To report the following recommendations: First, US policymakers should strengthen law enforcement personnel and the use of funds related to national security is managed; by reducing delays, increase application throughput and ensure transparency in the process to reduce the backlog, elimination of obstacles existing visa and barriers to green card programs; domestic and foreign employers to prevent abuse of the system, to ensure free flow of talent.

The report highlights, Washington should apply for the establishment of national security visas for international personnel who will be working in the field of national security-related innovation base. This will not only motivate top talent directly to the US military, and technological power to contribute, but also enhance US ability to compete for global leadership in innovation.

2020 clause "National Defense Authorization Act," this has been reflected. Second, the United States can implement a series of modest reforms to increase international talent to the United States to work opportunities in America. As a first step, Congress can increase employment green card limit, especially for high-skilled personnel; shorten certain occupations or skills into the time required for permanent residency from temporary work; lifting restrictions on immigration from specific countries or regions ; heart should also consider issuing a visa, to attract talent to the non-coastal areas most in need; to provide long-term visa to obtain advanced degrees in STEM fields some international students or even a green card will help retain students and researchers in the United States, and strategic talent competition with rivals.

Third, policymakers should consider making more fundamental changes to introduce mechanism for talent, especially for highly skilled personnel worldwide. The best way to decision-makers should reflect on whether the existing visa and green card system to attract and retain top talent, may consider taking additional measures for the establishment of a competitive 21st century high-skilled immigration system, All those who meet certain criteria .

Fourth, high-skilled immigrants, although valuable, but limited the number and influence, a real strategy to maximize US competitiveness will be based on training local talent and the opportunity to maximize the prosperity of the United States above. US Government needs to provide more money, digital infrastructure and other domestic support STEM education, K-12 education reform a priority (US education system kindergarten through twelfth grade education), to strengthen vocational training, promote mobility and equality of opportunity. The report concludes that the United States is facing three decades of its global leadership in the most serious challenge by the new crown epidemic hit the United States needs to support economic recovery, enhance national strength.

The high-skilled immigrants to lift the US economy and national strength is critical, Biden administration and Congress must find common ground in this critical area, to take effective measures to maintain the attractiveness and competitiveness of the United States in the global war for talent.

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