Adhere to the expansion of domestic demand strategic base points (Wanghai Building)


Adhere to the expansion of domestic demand strategic base points (Wanghai Building)

  Central Economic Work Conference requires to twist the main line of supply side structure reform, pay attention to demand side management, opening up block, replenish short board, through production, distribution, circulation, consumption. One year is one of the key tasks of deepening the ability to reform to enhance the development of the development of the development of the development.

Promoting the formation of a strong domestic market is an important support for building a new development pattern. It must be arranged in a reasonable guidance of consumption, savings, investment, etc. The purpose of expanding domestic demand is to better meet the growing beauty of the people. China’s China and other income groups have exceeded 400 million, and the middle-income group family has reached 100 million, ranking first in the world. With the further growth of middle income groups, consumption growth and consumption upgrade power will be more powerful.

China has a certain proportion of low-income populations. In the future, high quality development will greatly improve their income level, and its basic needs and potential demand will be more fully released.

The new urbanization process accelerates that the consumption space and consumption capacity of migrant workers and their families will also be expected.

To this end, in order to improve the people’s livelihood, it is necessary to increase investment, improve investment accuracy and effectiveness, and improve the incentive social capital participation mechanism, and better support the consumption capacity of urban and rural residents, and stabilize consumption expectations.

  Fully explore the potential of domestic markets and expand domestic demand and improve quality.

From the actual consumption level, the total retail sales of China’s social consumer goods has exceeded 40 trillion yuan, which is more than the United States to become the world’s largest consumer retail market.

However, China’s development and enjoyment consumption expenditure is still lower than developed countries, especially in the future of service consumption, there is a large expansion space. From the perspective of consumption expenditure, there is a certain gap between urban and rural areas, and the huge market potential of regional coordinated development and the huge market potential of new urbanization needs to be further released.

From the consumption environment, with the recruitment and reputation of the local brand, and the further improvement of the infrastructure upgrade and competitive order of the consumer-related market, especially the new consumption of the era, overseas consumption is very potential. Establish a long-term security mechanism for expanding domestic demand by deepening the reform. To promote employment and improve social security system, achieve more fully and higher quality employment, reasonably increase public consumption, improve education, medical care, pension, and childbearing efficiency, relieve the mass of public products and public services to rise rapidly Insufficient contradictions, reducing the worries of household consumption, significantly improving the willingness of consumption of urban and rural residents.

To continue to reform and improve the income distribution system, improve the "two specific gravity" directly related to people, that is, the share of the residential department can dominate the share of national income distribution and the proportion of labor reward in the initial distribution of national income, optimize income distribution Structure, expand the middle income population, and promote common prosperity. It is necessary to actively and safely promote the new urbanization of people, accelerate agricultural transfer population, improve the quality of the city, and accelerate the release of consumption, and enhance domestic demand kinetic energy. In order to cancel some administrative restrictions on consumer purchase, fully excavate the consumption potential of county and townships. To continue to relax market access, providing demand structural upgrades, especially with the system supply, promotion education, medical, and field reforms related to expanding service consumption, providing institutional guarantees that meet multi-level diversification needs.

To innovate and improve the domestic unified market, resolutely resolutely antitrust and anti-unfair competition behavior, establish a sound and good market competition order and market supervision system, significantly enhance the domestic market supervision capacity and level.

  (The author is director and researcher for the China Macroeconomic Research Institute, China Macroeconomics Research Institute (Editor: Zhao Anne (intern), Li Dong) sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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