Chengdu Jintang has built a government gold enterprise docking platform to sign a contract amount of about 20 billion


Chengdu Jintang has built a government gold enterprise docking platform to sign a contract amount of about 20 billion

People’s Network Chengdu April 21st (Wang Jun) is located in Huaizhou New City, the Huaizhou New City, in the hillside, a thousand miles, and a fascinating construction picture.

Today, the high-quality development politicians associated with the high-quality development political accounts of the Chengdu Jintang County, the Jintang County Finance Bureau (County Guo Finance Bureau), will be held here, from the bank, securities, trust, fund, etc. in the county, 80 The remaining financial institutions and related enterprises participate.

At the meeting, the high-quality development political subsidiary of Jinotang County, Chengdu, the financing ceremony, credit enhancement agency, brokerage and bank completed the contract, and the total contract is a total of 1 credit enhancement agency, 2 brokerage, 5 banks, signing The amount is about 20 billion yuan.

The conference revolves around "Into ‘Dongjin’ into Jin Qingxin ‘, all the way" Dadang District to grab the development opportunity of Shuangcheng Economic Circle and Chengde End "Theme, Focus on the Opportunity and Challenge of the High Quality Development of Jinzhou.

Huaizhou New City Management Committee, Tianfu Shuicheng Management Committee, Edible Macroblue Industrial Park Management Committee introduced three functional district planning of Huaizhou New Town, Tianfu Shuicheng, Jintang Edible Fungus Industrial Park, let financial institutions and companies understand Jinotang Industrial Planning And development layout. At the same time, the county has a state-owned enterprise introduced the development ideas and key quality projects, the ICBC Chengdu Branch, the Agricultural Bank of China, and the Agricultural Bank of China were invited to speak, and jointly explore the high quality of government and high quality.

Zhou Zhan, deputy director of the Chongqing Bank Chengdu Branch, talked that Chongqing Bank Chengdu Branch will support the local economic construction of Jinotang, serve the two-city economic construction, serve the development of the Sichuan Economic Group, serve the public, enterprises, enterprises, and local economic construction in Jintang, .

"At present, Jin Tang ushered in Chengdu Dongjin, Chengdu Shuangcheng Economic Circle, and all the roads in Dadang area, and the Director of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the director of the President Jiang Pengxin, and he suggested that the demand for financial elements and resource security To establish a regular communication mechanism, solve the problem of financial element guarantees in time.

Carry out different levels of docking and publicity promotion activities, create a good promotional atmosphere, let more financial elements, financial strength, financial resources to the golden hall.

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