Cobos product launches new intelligent robot


Cobos product launches new intelligent robot

Cobos robot recently released a whole new generation of air cleaning robot Qin Bao Andy, Ava Qin Bao and the new intelligent AI sweeping robot Po T8AIVI.

Both robot air purifier with superior mobility, high intelligence, high purification capacity, allowing users to enjoy different from the traditional air purifier housekeeper smart home experience. The Po T8AIVI is filled up in the traditional sense of the cleaning robot "impractical" short board, has become a smart scientific precision cleaning path planning, multi-purpose cleaning mode and a series of technical upgrade and enhance the development needs products. Air purifier into the robotic era Qin Bao, which can move cleaned empty net product, robot technology and air purification innovative combination, able to do the whole house to walk, self-purification, bid farewell to the traditional purification pain points, so as to achieve the most comprehensive purifying effect.

Qin Bao AndyAva can accurately identify indoor obstacle, effectively reducing the probability of collision with furniture, coupled with the support of its action power system, not only can purify walking, you can also both sensitive and smooth in the process. Bao and Qin AndyAva also has a key cruise mode, it will automatically turn on after the turn-by-room cleanup, help you put good indoor air quality mark. Truly mobile Cruise whole house purification, to achieve the rapid purification effect. In addition, Qin Bao AndyAva can also take the initiative to do the cleanup.

In addition to the new host Qin Bao also equipped with a detector peripherals, multi-point linkage for purification, and can bind up to five peripheral air detector, when the sensed air pollution, will take the initiative to purify contaminated area .

Family kitchen fumes are generally heavily, if placed in a peripheral detector in the kitchen, Qin Bao AndyAva can real-time detection of sources of pollution to the kitchen and take the initiative to clean up the air, creating at the same time you can also enjoy fresh gourmet home environment.

AIVI technology appears to subvert the old situation Cobos robot industry has long been rooted as domestic brands, we launched a new cleaning robot to treasure T8AIVI.

This section cleaning robot equipped with a new upgraded version AIVI artificial intelligence and visual identification system, revolutionized in the past cleaning robot "Caton", "leak sweep", "mentally capable" image.

Po AIVI of sensors and algorithms to optimize upgrade, through fast and accurate map building, intelligent and flexible partitioning, multi-layered maps and other features that make the visual effects to enhance the identification of 200%, obstacle avoidance effect increased by 60% so that the original household cleaning in the cleaning robot Caton easy to encounter obstacles, dragging debris and chaos as well as planning and inadequate drain wire sweep problems have been effectively resolved.

AIVI equipped with artificial intelligence and visual identification system also gives the robot the ability to deep learning, so that cleaning becomes more efficient, reduce human intervention to complete the cleaning work by the robot autonomously intelligently.

Not only that, Cobos Po T8AIVI adopted TrueMapping global planning techniques, innovative technology equipped with space-level dToF, planning to build the machine can map accurate to the millimeter, rapid restore the entire layout of the home, cleaning cover corners. AIVI artificial intelligence and visual identification system the new upgrade, ultra-efficient TrueMapping global planning techniques and high intelligence APP line management, as well as both AI butler video, remote video and other interactive features and new user experience, Coward Sri Lanka Po T8AIVI as "high-tech, really smart" name the cleaning robot.

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