Changchun Jiuling Maanshan Village "Money Tao"


Changchun Jiuling Maanshan Village "Money Tao"

"Selling resources" becomes "selling the scenery" Maanshan Village came out of his "Money Tao" Maanshan Village changed! This is the fact that all Maanshan villages are proud.

Zhang Xuguang, the total secretary of the Maanshan Village Party, said that in the past, there were 8 quarries in Maanshan Village, with an annual output value of more than 60 million yuan, and 160 employment, and the village collective income 200,000 yuan.

Due to the extensive operation, the management is not good, the resource environment is destroyed is a "soil village" in far known. Rainy day, a mud, sunny day.

This is the most distressed place at the time. What is the development of Maanshan Village? In 2016, the Maanshan Village team seized the opportunity of special rectification of the quarry in the district, comprehensively banned, with the help of the Changchun City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau of the Poverty Baobao City, relying on green water Qingshan develops the cultural industry industry. Through many years of exploration, Maanshan Village established three development strategies of three-yield integration, making full use of the special resources of Maanshan, tightly built structural reforms of agricultural supply, exploring the new model of modern agriculture, new formats, and focusing on agriculture, constructing With the modern smart agriculture, leisure agriculture, circulating agriculture, green agriculture, creative agriculture, agriculture, the agriculture, poverty alleviation agriculture, building a comprehensive development project of industries, well-equipped integration and full-featured comprehensive development project, and live , Ecological benefits "three children win". Ma’anshan is located in the middle of Changchun and Jilin, there is a hiking tourist line to be famous, Changchai Railway, Changji Road Yancheng, the forest coverage rate is 46%, known as "Changji Urban green lungs, green ecology Oxygen bar ", regional and tourism resources are very obvious, and also brought another tourists in Maanshan Village. Maanshan village people also turned the previous" selling resources "into" selling landscape ", several years, Maanshan The village is getting poor, and it has changed, becoming a well-known rich village.

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