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“In case someone deliberately leaked?。”

“Long pool length is the special service headquarters?” “Cloud,If I am Ding Mun Village, I will spread this news.,This is a good opportunity for a net fishing.,in addition,A reconnaissance master is embezzled around the hospital,It can also judge from our staff adjustment and change.,This is nothing difficult,Don’t forget that the other party still has a […]


Unfortunately, that kind of beyond visual range ability does not appear no matter how guided,Drop the chain when it’s critical,It seems that I still haven’t mastered it well,Mind is too empty,If you can get away from here,You must find a way to ask the master who is looking for the captain seriously。

Put aside distractions,Li Tianchou immediately squatted down short,Flat-end rifle,After quickly scanning the surroundings, slowly approach the object ahead。It is indeed a rock,But there is still a person sitting on the rock,Facing away from Li Tianchou,like a statue。 This is a bit creepy,Play deep?Is it alive or dead?Such a weird and tense atmosphere,Li Tianchou actually had […]


Xia Jian snorted coldly:“What if you accompany yourself?I’m not like a waste”When Xia Jian said this,,Deliberately with emotion。

“Hahahaha!You said earlier!So you want me to accompany you。Row!I will accompany you”Zhu Hui said,Really lying beside Xia Jian。 A faint fragrance is coming,Xia Jian wanted to hold his breath,But it’s too late。He just feels swaying in his heart,I slowly lost consciousness,Sway,Xia Jian only felt that a lump of soft things pressed over,slowly,He doesn’t know anything […]


Even more so,Looking at all this,In fact, for Wang Teng,These things,How to solve it。

Actually just these problems,It’s very obvious。 And after watching for a while,At this moment,Wang Teng smiled slightly。 “well,But now,Other things,Let’s not worry about it for now。” “If they are not convinced,Then as soon as possible,at least,I should also deal with them.!” See these,Wang Teng at this time,The more I look, the more I feel,Such a […]


In the gray field space,108The power of Dao’s pulse instantly tore through the dark cage,Wright’s left hand raised high,Gravitational space contraction,As if turned into a mountain,Snapped。

“【Water and fire·Fire and water burst】”This is a pure physical attack。 Sadista threw out his iron fist,The rich dark power turned into a wolf beast,Resist this shot from the bottom up。 “Qian!” The collision of the spear and the iron fist,The powerful force waved away,The desolate and snowy ground on the 15th floor of the […]


He just confessed to her,I know that she has a famous flower,What a blow this should be?

“amount,I know。Take these medicines,Remember to eat on time。”Cui Ronghao is embarrassed,An indescribable emotion tormented him。 He doesn’t want to meet Ji Yunfeng,Bring her the medicine on return,He helped her sit on the bench in the hospital yard and left。 His heart hurts very much,Also regret,Despise myself。 After Ziyushi and Zhao Haiyi broke up,He always wanted […]


Gu Rimou said that he turned on his phone to find a satellite map and pointed to it.:“Nanlong Line,After going east along the river from Mount Emei,I don’t know the end at the beginning。After surveying from Tongzhou Oceanwide,I realized that the mountains around Haiyan are the end of Nanlong。Because Tianmu Mountain is Zhejiang Youzhen Mountain,But the mountain is not over,But meandering,Right hand,Vetch water,It didn’t end until the long wall of Haiyan and Qin Zhu。

then,Take the Pingsong Mountains as the Dragon,Left hold the Yangtze River、Huaihe、Surabaya,Taking Qing Shao Mountains as Tigers,Right around the water of Cao’e, Zhejiang,Are arching towards Haiyanzhou。The pulse from the back goes eastward by the lake,Stick country、DCountry as a shore,Make Nanlong the biggest dry dragon。 Liu Bowen thought that the trend of the Nanlong Mountain Range would […]


The car just walked to the suburbs,I found out on the national highway leading to Pingyang Town,There is a long queue of cars,It’s spectacular from a distance。Xia Jian felt cold when he saw it。I know after a dozen questions,There was a car accident ahead,Plus it’s midnight again,It may be dawn until it is open to traffic。

Can’t get past the car,Waiting for nothing。Xia Jian said to Chen Jianping:“You turned the car over,Open a hotel in the city,Get a good sleep,Go back in the car when it’s dawn!” “it is good!I’ll go now”Chen Jianping is a refreshing person,Xia Jian’s arrangement,He didn’t say much,Then turned around and drove back to the city。 Xia […]


Just just now,The sudden pause also made him very uncomfortable,Better than Xu Wan,Did not vomit blood,But I can’t hold my breath anymore,Then it continued to vibrate,He can only drink water to relieve the shock in the body。

The light above suddenly lights up,He found out immediately,It’s Xu Wan and Li Dachuan。 can not wait,He rushed up,Almost used to grab,He took Xu Wan’s respirator and took a few deep breaths,Finally eased。 “You stay here,I go find someone else。”Li Dachuan said by mouth,He is actually not comfortable,Took a few breaths of oxygen and left。 […]

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