“He is cleaning up the living space for us。Snake King Daen,If it weren’t for him,We can’t get below。”Carlo’s wisdom is extraordinary,Finally saw the intention of the snake king,Sighed solemnly。

Lu Menglin took a deep look at the direction the King Snake fell into,I immediately understood what Carlo wanted to express。 In the valley below the sea of red mist,Except horn flies,No living things exist,Whether it is an animal or a plant,None at all。 the reason is simple,Because these horned flies have taken up all […]


Look down on people,right?

I, Qiao Tianyu, told you so much,You ignored me,You say irritating? “Mr David,What do you think of me?”Qiao Tianyu cheered and recommended himself。 “you?”David took a look at Qiao Tianyu,Smiled and shook his head。 “M .Joe,Although your scenery is boundless these days,But in my opinion,Your tactics are just little tricks,It’s all bluffing stuff.” Carving.Bugs? Hear […]


“but,This one of you,The surface coating is not gilt,But a paint。”

Finished,Populus euphratica scratched with fingernails,Just scraped off a small part。 “Gilded words,It’s impossible to scrape off。This paint,Should be modern。Looks beautiful,But it’s not really valuable。” A word,Let Hua Tsai fall into the cold pool,The loss on the face is very obvious。 There will always be people who gloat,The audience in the live room listened,Some people who […]


Three people are not crowded,But no one is at ease,Just something happened at night,Xiao Xiao doesn’t want to sleep alone,May not want,Of course Qiangwei is happy to take this opportunity to bring her relationship closer。

but,Although May plans to stay here,,Still picked up the phone and said:“hungry,Let’s go to eat something and then come back to rest。I’ve been quite dumb at night,Haven’t thanked Jin Jin yet。” Xiao Xiao thought Amei wanted to see Wang Shuai,Just say:“You still don’t give up on him?” “No!After listening to your suggestions,I decided to give […]


“Because I was in the system,Just because they said I broke discipline,So fire me。But even so,My ID will not be confiscated。Because we are a military family,As long as it’s not that kind of crime,Basically, you don’t need to take off your military uniform。”

Qin Feng didn’t know which sentence Leng Ling said was true and which sentence was false。But it doesn’t matter anymore,Because the plane took off!Now it’s too late for Qin Feng to regret! A few hours later,The plane landed atROn Chuan Airport,This is a city in Bangzi Country,But have to say,There are still many Chinese tourists […]


Unsuitable,Don’t come then,Otherwise, there will be no way to get anything,That’s a shame。

This is a direct threat to those people,Many of the bosses here are pretty people,I was so threatened by a vegetable vendor,Their eyes are also full of hideous。 To know,They haven’t been humiliated for so many years,It’s good now,Even ushered in such humiliation,Really made them angry。 “Haha,I really didn’t think of what I want to […]


“What do you think?”Lu Youshan is in a hurry,I can’t even eat breakfast,Ask loudly。

Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“dad,Don’t get excited。I just figured out a way,Not implemented yet!I won’t tell you for now,When I really get the money,Tell you more!But I will definitely not do stupid things,bad thing。And ask for leave,Wait for me to go,Tell my mom again!” “You kid,Ugh!Row,OK then!Relax yourself,Do your best,As long as we have a clear conscience,no […]


Another example is that Alu cleans the statue spotlessly every day,I simply slept on the statue two nights,It was discovered by the leader of the Qingmu Gang,Also deliberately regarded as a case of love and dedication,Take it out and tell them at the morning meeting。

Huang Shaotian is in the small hospital,Quickly became the focus of everyone’s attention。 Not only because of her appearance,And also because of her excellent medical skills,Successfully convinced the old doctor in the hospital,Take the initiative to let her treat the patient,Be happy。 At the beginning,Those neighbors who got sick and injured,I was a little worried […]


Luo Bufan doesn’t want to take care of this stuff,If he didn’t break in,When is this guy going to sleep?After he came in,I found this kid asleep,And showed a very wretched expression,See he wants to hit someone,So I pulled a handful of his hair,Drag back and forth several times。

Wash at the speed of light,Then went straight to Hu’s hotel。 Today I took Hu and the others to eat their authentic breakfast。 just,Today sunday,It’s the busiest time in the Oriental Antique City,Attracted antique calligraphy and painting collectors inside and outside the province,experts and scholars、Operators。 Most of the people who often mix in the antique […]


Xia Chenglong felt like he was going crazy by Zong Xueqin:“This is only seven o’clock in the morning,Missy,Why did you come to me so early??”

Zong Xueqin looked at Xia Chenglong with a grimace:“It’s not yesterday you didn’t stay with me,Made me scared at night alone,Can’t sleep at all,So I came to you early today!” Zong Xueqin said,And got Xia Chenglong’s neck on one side,If someone who doesn’t know sees this scene,I thought the two were like lovers who have […]

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